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Application Format

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Application Format

Post  Axis on Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:09 pm

To apply as a member of Axis, First set your Alliance Affiliation as: "Axis Applicant" (this should stop you getting attacked by someone in the meantime).

Then start a new topic with the following information:

Nation name:
Ruler name:
Nation link (URL):
Recruited by:
Previous alliance(s):
Positions held in previous alliances (if any):
Why you want to join us:

(Copy above and Paste into a new topic)

The application process lasts for 72 Hours after the initial application and will involve a question and answer with current Axis members and Government. Once this is completed you will be masked into the Axis Academy where we will show you the ropes of Cybernations and you will receive guidance and economic assistance to develop your nation.
You will graduate the Academy either when you pass 3 simple tests based off the short guides you will be given (General, Economic & military, or reach 5000 Nation Strength (whichever comes first).


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